Everyone has a career goal. I am not an exception. Being a treasury professional has been my career goal for a while. Without Linda, I would not achieved this dream.

After rotating in different teams and working with different departments in my previous finance jobs, I realized that I wanted to be a treasury professional and prepared myself well by pursuing the related designation and taking courses to enhance skills that were essential for treasury jobs.

Although many recruiters from employment agencies and HR personals approached me, all opportunities they discussed with me were in finance and accounting…but not treasury. I had a conversation with one of the recruiters that I had been in contact with for a while.

She told me that the treasury job market was relatively small as it was more specific compared to the finance and accounting job market. Although I performed tasks related to treasury in previous finance jobs, I had no experience working in the Treasury department. She said I would find it very hard to attract the attention of treasury hiring managers as they usually preferred candidates with previous experience in treasury departments. She tried to persuade me to consider finance job opportunities instead of waiting for my ideal career – a treasury opportunity.

With the treasury designation and technical skills that were essential to Treasury jobs, I truly believe that I was able to do the Treasury job even I was not in this department before. However, I still did not understand what was holding me from getting interviews. I searched online and found Linda’s video about writing an outstanding resume. I found it helpful and decided to contact Linda.

In the first meeting with Linda, I found that she was very professional and had good skills in understanding my situation and needs. She had a customized solution that was perfect for me. Besides lacking treasury work experience, she helped me to understand the other reason why I was not getting any treasury job interviews. It was because I did not know how to sell my personal brand. Her professionalism and abilities in spotting her clients’ individual needs made me decide to work with her in my job hunting process.

In the next 4 sessions with Linda (through the Stand Out & Get Hired program), she taught me how to rewrite my resume in a way that highlighted my accomplishments, skills, and experience so that I could avoid being filtered out in the screening process. My new resume increased the probability of being found by recruiters for treasury jobs.

Linda also helped me to prepare interview questions and taught me the techniques on how to answer questions that make hiring managers believe that I am the right candidate for them.

Linda was a successful experienced recruiter in the past. She knew exactly what hiring managers look for in candidates. When we had our mock interview session, she gave me a lot of useful feedback which helped me improve my interview techniques significantly.

Besides helping me to improve my resume and interview skills, the most important thing that I learnt in the sessions with Linda was how to change my mindset. The impact of a person’s mentality at work is huge. It changes the way we communicate, behave, the level of self-confidence and people’s confidence on us.

After Linda pointed out this important point, I kept it in mind and started to think about how to answer interview questions with this new mindset and did a lot of practice.

After I completed the 4 sessions with Linda, I started to send my new resume to recruiters and applied to Treasury jobs again. I got calls from recruiters for treasury jobs very quickly this time. I was invited for treasury job interviews.

With the new mindset and proper interview preparation, I noticed that my answers were attracting hiring managers’ interest quickly. They were also very impressed with the accomplishments that I listed in my new resume.

I’m happy to say I successfully got a very good treasury job offer from a crown corporation 2.5 months after completing the Stand Out & Get Hired program with Linda.

I was very satisfied with this result. Without Linda’s help in my job hunting process, I would not be able to find out a way to break the bad cycle and find the dream job that I truly wanted.

My story hasn’t ended after landing the job offer. I started my new job happily and have been learning a lot of new things at work every day. I noticed that the way that I communicated with team members and management changed compared to how I did in the past, in my previous jobs.

I became more confident in telling people what I think and asking the right questions which helped me to learn even quicker. I knew this was because of the new mentality and the self confidence that I gained from coaching with Linda. The techniques and knowledge that she provided to me were not just helpful in job hunting and interview but also in my ongoing working life.

I HIGHLY recommend Linda to anyone who needs assistance in job hunting or feels they want to give up on their career dreams, because of countless failures. Switching to a new field is a big challenge. Getting the right career coach will not only help you reach your goal in a right way, but also bring a positive impact to your future working life.

I am happy I made the decision to work with Linda in my job hunting process and definitely would like to work with her again in the future when I need coaching for my next career stage.
— Jaime I., CTP - Toronto, Canada
After 1.5 years of job searching and going on 40+ interviews with zero job offers – I was at the LOWEST point in my life. Nothing seemed to be going my way. During this period, I was seeking to make the switch from a small private organization to a large public organization. I had my resume reviewed professionally by four different “experts” and reviewed interview prep courses as well. I networked with over 25+ individuals and still no luck.

And then one day I decided to search for a career coach on Google and typed in, “Career Coach for Accountants.” In that instant Linda’s name appeared. After watching her videos, I reached out to see if she could be the right one to help me take my career to the next level.

Now, mind you, at that point I had just quit my job the week before, so I was feeling pretty low and was really lacking self-confidence.

After our initial one hour session – my mindset just shifted and I was ready to take the next step.

Linda helped me FOCUS on what career options I would like and never let me aim lower than I was capable of. She gave me clarity on exactly how to position myself in front of potential employers. She knew what hiring managers were looking for and how I needed to be perceived. She has strong knowledge and insight on how one can effectively develop their personal brand in a competitive marketplace.

Within a few weeks of working with Linda, I landed multiple interviews and was being looked at by large organizations that were not considering me before. Now, fast forward a couple of months and I was being offered MULTIPLE positions that were offering me 20-25% more than my previous salary.

I am now happily employed in a full-time position with a global company that not only pays higher, but is more challenging and is the right step to further growing my career.

Working with Linda has turned out to be the best return on investment so I would strongly recommend her and would do it again.
— Jonathan S. CPA, CGA, Toronto, ON
I have found Linda to be an excellent career coach and recommend her to anyone who wants to progress to the next level in their career.

Despite the competitive job market here in Toronto, it was due to Linda’s coaching that I was able to land myself an excellent job as a Financial Analyst in a famous, publicly listed food and beverage company.

I found Linda to be an excellent listener, really trying to understand me as a person, guiding me in narrowing down my next career step so I could achieve my overall life objectives. She’s also equipped with the skills needed for resume writing and in particular coaching me in the ‘buzz words’ the recruiters are looking for. Then, we went through interview practice which taught me the art of how I could sell myself. She made me realize that in an interview; nearly everything I say is an opportunity to promote my skills to the employer with plenty of tips on how I can go about that.

Linda was more than happy to answer questions between our sessions as between interviews she would be available to answer my questions on what she thought about a particular job and whether it was a good opportunity or just general advice on how I should approach a particular interview.

Obtaining that opportunity is a process of trial and error for a lot of people, where they would go for several interviews and make hundreds of applications and ‘figure out’ on their own what it is that recruiters are looking for. I have found recruiters from agencies not having enough time to properly critique a resume and coach someone through the interview.

Linda’s positive ‘go-getter’ attitude means that she has a unique skill at enabling people to display their strengths and for that reason I thoroughly recommend her services!
— Anonymous CPA, CGA from Toronto, ON

I met Linda after having struggled through several months of job hunting on my own. After scoping through numerous pages, articles and online resources for free advice on how to successfully land your best job opportunity, I reached a point where I was frustrated and found that the generic advice on the web was NOT helping.

Although I was invited for interviews and getting positive feedback from employers, when it came to the final stage, I was still not getting the offers I was interested in. I understood that this situation was working against me, as my confidence was starting to wane. I needed someone from the same background, with a good understanding of the job market in finance and accounting, with good knowledge of the expectations of employers and who could help me figure out what my “missing link” was that stopped me from getting the right opportunity. After discussing my difficulties and struggles with Linda, I quickly realized she was the exact career professional that could help me. 

In her approach, she listened carefully to understand not only what I thought my challenges were, but also revealed patterns of thinking and behaviours that I weren’t even aware of and realized were working against my goal of landing a great job.

Working with her through her career coaching package, I was able to identify the real challenges I was facing and to address them head-on. As a result, I gained a renewed sense of confidence and clarity within myself. 

What was the result? While working with Linda and getting the in-depth coaching on my resume, interview and job strategy tactics, I successfully received a job offer that perfectly suited me! Like I mentioned, this was after few months of searching on my own.

Does her contribution stop here? No. She also helped me to identify new ways of thinking and being to develop further in my career, professionally and personally as I pursue this role. 

I highly recommend working with Linda if you feel that you need a professional who can get you to advance in your career, whether you are looking for a new opportunity or to grow in the current one.
— Adela Bulgac, CPA, CMA from Toronto, ON
When I decided it was time to move ahead in my career, I sought advice from a professional career consultant and found Linda.

From the very first meeting, I realized that she has good business sense and intuition to understand what I was trying to achieve. Her expertise outlined right away the need to revamp my resume and we went from that step and through the full spectrum of services that Linda offers.

As the experts in our own field, we tend to speak “our” language using our own terminology, and this is not always well understood by recruiters to know exactly what you are good at.

Once I had followed Linda’s recommendations, I received many compliments from recruiting companies for my well-rounded resume. She also did a great job in preparing me for face-to-face interviews. The whole process of a successful job search involves many aspects, and the most important ones are definitely a good resume and excellent interview skills which Linda helped me to improve.

I would absolutely recommend Linda as a consultant for your next career move.
— Svetlana G. CPA, CMA Toronto, ON

Before working with Linda I had several unsuccessful interviews and knew that something was missing in my interaction with employers. It started to affect my confidence and I had consulted with many career coaches, but they were not CPAs. As a result, I found their advice to be very generic. I connected with Linda and decided to hire her for my job search needs. As part of her strategy, she went through all my achievements with me and helped me tailor my resume to reflect them effectively. She also pinpointed key messages to be discussed about my achievements and customized answers to the common questions asked during interviews, based on my experience. I was invited into an interview a few days later and applied the specific techniques I learned from Linda. I felt a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my interview skills and I noticed I was able to keep the interviewers TRULY engaged during the entire interview. I recommend Linda to anyone who wants to improve their interview abilities and resume for their job search. I now feel much more confident in my ability to deliver the value I possess to future employers.
— Hui Zhang, CPA, CGA from Toronto, ON

I have used Linda’s services as a Career Consultant through CPA Ontario. I have found Linda’s advice very helpful, detailed and to the point. During the time of my two consultations she was able to provide me with a keen direction and strategy for my job search and career goals, as well as focusing attention on a variety of points that were important for the interview. Her guidance ended up helping me to be successful in my job search. I will definitely recommend Linda to anybody who is looking for a sharp and resourceful career advisor.
— Ella Gershon, CPA, CGA from Toronto, ON

I recently had an “interview strategy” session with Linda and boy, did I get one. Linda is very insightful and has a keen sense of being able to know exactly what my issues have been not only with my interview skills, but with my overall job search. She has the gift to show you how to feel confident again. She taught me exactly what I need to say and do to improve my interview techniques. I kept telling her during the session that I could feel multiple light bulbs turning on in my head each time she gave me an additional piece of advice. I feel much more confident now with my job search thanks to Linda and would not hesitate to recommend her as a career coach. She is knowledgeable, professional and extremely talented!
— Laurie Dano, CPA, CMA from Toronto, ON

Linda provided me with unique insight into the job market that allowed me to make strategic moves when applying for jobs. As a job application new to the accounting industry, she taught me how to be calculated and efficient in the application process. As a Chartered Accountant, Linda has the industry experience that allows her to confidently explain the various roles that would best suit my personal skill set. I recommend working with Linda for a highly personalized, goal oriented career coaching experience.
— Gina Yhip, CPA student from Toronto, ON

Linda has the insight of today’s job market and corporate world. She also tailors her coaching strategy to specific career needs for the most effective results possible. With extensive experience in the recruitment industry, Linda helps me understand what it takes to become truly successful in achieving my career goals. She unveils “secrets” and misconceptions about working relationships from an employer’s perspective. I would highly recommend Linda’s career coaching to anyone who is seeking to grow their career to the next level.
— Leo Ma, CPA, CGA from Toronto, ON

I received career coaching from Linda and it was very impressive. She spent time getting to know me and was able to customize a career recommendation that I knew would fit the TRUE me. Her past recruiter experience and her CA makes her extremely skilled and knowledgeable about the CPA career world. Her resume advice was very helpful as well. Anyone seeking help with their career situation will definitely benefit from career strategy sessions with Linda
— Ying Xu, CPA, CGA from Toronto, ON

You gave me lots of encouragement and invaluable tips on the Resume Critique as well as on Interview Strategies. I really appreciate them!
Well, I would love to share my good news to you. I got an offer from [anonymous company], with the position of ‘Operations Accountant’ and is responsible for the GTA region. This position requires someone who has experience both in accounting and FP&A. This person is also in charge of the frontline service locations, with monitoring and communication responsibilities. I believe I am the right fit for the position and exerted myself to prepare the interviews.
Finally, success! I received and signed the offer right today, and could not wait to tell you. It’s a permanent full-time job, and I am so excited. Thanks a lot for your precious time and warm help!
Your career is full of passion and positive energy to others. I wish mine will be as well.
Hope we could keep in touch in the future, and I really would love to recommend your service to my network, to help more people achieve career development success!
— Anonymous, CPA, CGA from Toronto, ON