Thinking of hiring me to help you land your dream job?

Because I take my work and time seriously, I can only work with ambitious, committed and motivated professionals who are willing to INVEST in themselves.

So what does that mean?

In all honesty, Stand Out & Get Hired is not cheap! If you are looking for generic career advice for a bargain…you won’t find it here.

This customized, specialized private coaching program is designed for motivated corporate professionals who are willing to do whatever it takes to land their dream career. 

I'll give you a complete personal AND professional brand makeover.

I’ll take you from someone who was getting minimal calls for interviews to becoming an attractive, well-spoken and confident professional candidate who not only gets invited for interviews, but KNOWS how to land him/herself a job offer.   

But to get you there, you’ve gotta be willing to put in TIME and MONEY.

This is a $7K (USD) program where you get to spend 8 precious weeks with me so I can get you to a place where interviews (and eventually job offers) start rolling in.

If you’ve been trying this on your own and nothing’s been working, it’s time to take a serious look at yourself and recognize you need professional guidance.

I’ll absolutely make myself available to work with you, *but* only if you take your career seriously and are open to making this investment in yourself.

Otherwise, if you’re saying this is “too much” or you’re “not ready” or you “have to think about it”…then I am not the person for you and cannot make myself available to help you with your career. If you're not willing to invest in yourself, there's not much I can do for you. 

Hope this clarifies things! 

So now that you’re clear on my expectations of this call and are ready to Stand Out & Get Hired, book a 20 minute chat with me here to discuss how we can start working together!

With Love and Authenticity,

Linda Raynier